A short summary about me

I am a Computational Research Scientist at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory working on building machine learning models to better understand the underlying computations of the brain.

Previously,  I was a student researcher at Fordham University at the Keeley Lab, working at the intersection of machine learning and neuroscience. My research focused on jointly understanding the relationship between neural activity and behavior. We used deep latent variable models and Gaussian processes to develop a novel framework to understand this relationship better. 

I did my undergraduate degree on integrative neuroscience with a concentration in cellular and molecular neuroscience. I completed my senior research at the ELM lab for language and multilingualism at Fordham on the effects of familial sinistrality on language processing. 

I am interested in computer vision,  LVMs , Gaussian processes, active learning and generative models.


January 16th, 2024: Our paper has been accepted to ICLR 2024!

Nov 17th, 2023: I was invited to talk at FLAP MURI annual meeting.

Oct 24th, 2023: I was invited to become a member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi

Oct 5th, 2023: Our paper Multi-modal Gaussian Process Variational Autoencoders for Neural and Behavioral Data is now available on arXiv!

Sep 3rd, 2023: I joined Cowley Lab at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as a Computational Research Scientist!

April 20th, 2023: My research talk was  featured in Fordham News!

March 23rd, 2023: I was invited to present my research at Fordham Data Science Symposium: Doing Good with Data

March 16th, 2023: Our abstract can be viewed via this link

Feb 1st, 2023: I started working as a TA for the CISC 3820 Machine Learning course

January 21st, 2023: My abstract got accepted to COSYNE 2023!

Nov 23rd, 2022: I submitted my abstract to COSYNE 2023

Nov 10th, 2022: I presented my research at the 2nd Annual Mary Hamilton Symposium

Jul 26th, 2022: I presented my research at the NSCI 2022 Summer Students' Research Presentations

May 4th, 2022: My research was published in Fordham News

April 26th, 2022: I presented my research  "Left-handedness and language: A brainwave analysis of semantic processing and familial left-handedness" at ARSNOVA


Work experience                                  

Sep 2023  - Present

Cowley Lab

Computational Research Scientist

Skills: Python, PyTorch,  Keras, Numpy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Git, Latex, Active Learning,  Compact Models, V4,  Deep learning, Generative Models, Bayesian inference


Jun 2022  - Present

Keeley Lab for Machine Learning at Fordham University

Research Assistant

Skills: Python, PyTorch,  Numpy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Git, Latex, Kernel Methods, Gaussian Processes, GPFA, Deep learning, Autoencoders, Generative Models, Bayesian inference


Winter 2023  - Spring 2023 (1 semester)

Computer and Information Science Department at Fordham University

Teaching Assistant

Skills: Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Git, Latex, Jupyter Notebooks, Grading, Preparing Assignments


Summer 2020  - Spring 2022 ; 2 years

EEG Lab for Language and Multilingualism at Fordham University

Research Assistant

Skills: Excel, SPSS, Python, Cognitive Tests, EEG/ERP, Participant Testing



Fordham University

Neuroscience (Cum laude)



Fordham University

Master's in Data Science



Fordham University

Advanced Certificate in Financial Econometrics and Data Analysis

 My Resume